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Banking in Hungary

Banking in Hungary


In Hungary banks are usually open between 8.00 and 16.00 on weekdays, and with the exception of some shopping mall bank branches, Hungarian banks are not open on Saturdays.

ATM machines and currency exchange machines are widely available throughout the country. However, beware of the higher service charges when using ATMs which are not affiliated with your bank of origin.

Credit Cards:

The following credit cards are in common use: Euro/Mastercard, VISA, AMEX and Diners Club can be used to withdraw cash from banks and ATM machines or to pay bills in hotels, restaurants and shops.

You can use your bank or credit card to get cash in more than 3200 post offices throughout Hungary.

Traveller's checks may be chased in banks, but are not accepted in shops.

Currency Exchange:

Hungarian banks and nearly 600 companies are involved in currency exchange, and there is no mandatory minimum amount to exchange. It is advisory to exchange currency, only at accredited places (it is both illegal and risky to attempt to do so in the street). The majority of banks have 24-hour ATM, some of which can also exchange foreign currency. It is advised to keep records of currency exchanged transactions until leaving the country. Rates offered at bureaux de change in the city center are generally better than those available in banks, at the airport or in hotels.

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