• H-1084 Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 7-13.
  • Tel: +36-20/776-2264, Fax: +36-1/217-0666
  • Web: uh.sletsoh@ofni

Location of Spring Hostel

Hostel Spring is located in the beautiful, historic area of the city. It is not far from the main tram lines (4 and 6), and it is easy to reach the main highlights because of its downtown location. Although it is close to the blue metro line, you can also find several bus and tram lines in the neighbourhood.

The perfect location provides cultural programmes and party possibilities as well. It is easy to reach the National Theater, the Palace of Arts, the Ludwig Museum, the National Museum, the Duna Corso and the Buda side.

The Blaha Lujza square and that downtown area offers you a lot of clubs, pubs, cafes, open-air party places and restaurants!

It is easy to find Hostel Spring from any parts of the city, and you can find a sum of tourist sights and attractions in the neighbourhood.

Check the Budapest map to locate the summer Spring Hostel
There are several interesting things to do nearby the hostel

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