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STAG & HEN Party

Stag & Hen Party

Are you just about getting married or is it one of your friends who is soon giving up a wild life? Surely you have been already thinking of organizing an unforgettable stag or hen party for him or for her! The last opportunity for getting wild before living a decent life.

Budapest is well-known for being a perfect destination of stag and hen parties!
What are the main reasons for this?

  • cheap but quality accommodation
  • cheap beer
  • beautiful girls and hansome boys
  • adventure programs

Cheap, quality accommodation
Our youth hostels are perfect for staying at if you are planning to have a few good days' sleep in between going wild during the nights. Smaller or larger dormitories if you wish to be together with your party not to waste even a minute of having fun, or private rooms - mostly twins - if you prefer peace and quiet for those few hours when you gather energy for the next round. Some of our hostels even have on-site bar and so you do not even have to leave the hostel for having a few beers.

Cheap beer
One of the main reasons for having a stag or hen party is to drink as much alcohol as you like. Undisputedly the cheaper alcohol is, you can drink the more. So why not try the quality but still a way cheaper beers or spirits in the popular Budapest bars?

Beautiful Girls and handsome boys
Hungarian girls are world-wide famous of their beauty and boys are just as handsome as you'd expect them to be so. If I were you just before getting married, I would definitely want to see it for myself if the legends are true.

Adventure programs
Exciting challenges are awaiting your Budapest stag or hen party if you pay in for an adventure program. The sites are located in the surroundings of Budapest, offering paintball program, Quad, Extreme rope or Caving adventure. Read more about the adventure programs

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