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If you are longing for an exciting day with challenges and adventures, instead of the regular sightseeing programs, you will surly enjoy our special adventure activities. A 3 hours long caving tour, a paintball match, a quad race or to slide down on an extreme rope: it doesn't matter which one you choose, your adrenalin will be on the highest level.

If you are interested in an adventurous way of exploring natural caves, you have to take the unique opportunity of caving in Budapest! Budapest has 9 strictly protected caves and 3 are open to the public. These caves were formed by the same springs that today supply the thermal baths. The Pálvölgyi Cave was discovered in 1904, during stone extraction. There has been continuous search for new passages and by 1980 the length exceeded 13 kilometres. In 2001 the connection with the neighbouring Mátyáshegyi Cave was discovered and as a result of this today this cave-system is the second longest in Hungary with its 18km length. The opportunity of sightseeing under Budapest in the undeveloped, natural areas of the cave is only possible with experienced guides. During the 2,5 -3 hours long tour you often have to climb on walls, crawl through narrow passages, or get down to your hands and knees so it is the right place the get a sense of adventure!
If you are sporty enough and looking for challenges: apply now for our permanently starting caving tours

Have you ever visited any of the former soviet army barracks? Do you think it would be fun to play a paintball match with your friends at such a venue? Apply now with a minimum number of 6 of your friends and fight your greatest battle at 10.000m2, on 6 different fields: buildings, hangars, tranches and varied fields ensure an unforgettable day.

The playfield is located in Szentendre, on the area of a former military field. It is accessible easily by car, bus or local train (the stop called Pannóniatelep).

If you still have energy after playing a paintball match, or you simply would like to experience the adventurous driving, come and try your capacity and courage on the quad fields. We are waiting for the riders with steep bends, dikes in our field to test themselves, and of course our quads too. Quads are semi-automatic, four-wheal motorbike of 250 cm3 motor size.

Quad fields are also located in Szentendre, near the area of the former military field. It can be reached easily by car, bus or local train (the stop called Pannóniatelep).

Make a booking now for the greatest driving adventure awaiting you in Budapest!

Extreme rope:
Being far above the trees on an extreme rope is one of the activities that raise the adrenalin level of every human being. Now you can experience the special feeling of roping down or running down from 20 metres or you can also try out how enjoyable a 60 m long Tyrolean.
You have to check this out! The participants attend at an extreme program combined with rope - techniques. They start with easier exercises and they are shortly introduced to more and more extreme - techniques. Of course, nobody needs extra skills or extraordinary physical power. We provide professional equipment and professional tour -leaders during the program. Of course, non of the activities are obligated in the program. There is always an alternative way. If you are brave enough, apply now for our extreme programme and we ensure an unforgettable experience. The Hungaroring Adventure Park can be found at the premises of the Hungarian Formula 1 track in Mogyoród, right next to Budapest. It can be reached easily by car and local bus, but obviously we are helping to organize your way there and back.

If you are interested in any of our adventure activities or extreme programs, choose a quality MM Hostel to stay at! Make your booking online or by email and along with it write us your further requests. We are going to organize every little detail for your team! Some activities, like the caving are available without minimum limit of attendants but others require a certain number within your party.

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