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Various Events Around Hungary

Various Events Around Hungary

Visegrád International Palace Games
Second weekend of July

If you want to go back to the world of Medieval knights, International Palace Games in Visegrád is the perfect program to choose!
Every year this extraordinary festival takes place in the Royal Palace of the Danube Bend. Kings, knights, beautiful ladies, servants and fools fight, dance, sing, and entertain, reviving the atmosphere of this long-ago-world for a couple of days, among contemporary scenery. A special trip to the past in a gripping landscape of Hungary.

Kapolcs, the Valley of Arts - Művészetek Völgye
Kapolcs, Taliándörögd, Vigántpetend, Monostorapáti, Pula, Öcs
middle of the summer at the end of July - in the beginning of August

An extraordinary feast, and holiday of several fields of art in the north of Balaton Lake. During the festival 6 villages await both the enquirer and devotee of contemporary handicraft, classical and modern theatre performances, different styles of music from jazz to folk, films and even short walking trips in the neighbouring woods. A great meeting scene for art and everyday life, active recreation for families too!

Harley Davidson Festival, Alsóörs
12th - 15th July, 2008

Alsóörs is a calm, quiet resort, located on the northern shore of the Lake Balaton. But in the beginning of June everything changes here: thousands of great motorbikes arrive roaring into the village, creating a bustling and a kind of wild atmosphere. In the last few years Alsóörs became the popular scene of the International Harley Davidson Festival. For a long weekend not only the shiny and sandy beach attract visitors, but also the numerous concerts, motor-programmes, 'The Procession' of the participants and the famous and legendary „HD" itself.

Busójárás, Mohács
7 weeks before Easter - usually in February

A port on the Southern Danube, Mohács is the scene of Hungary's most spectacular folk tradition called ' busójárás '. Each spring, exactly seven weeks before Easter at night grotesquely masked figures cross the River Danube in wooden boats to chase away the winter. Originally it was probably a spring ritual intended to appease the gods, but over time participants also began to practise ritualistic abomination of the Turks.

Szeged Open Air Festival (Szegedi Szabadtéri Játékok)
from beginning of July until end of August
in 2008: 5th July - 19th August

The Szeged Open-Air Festival is Hungary's largest and in its region over the last 75 years, the most visited 'open-air theatre' event. Its uniqueness is given by the world premieres and the internationally ranked music and dance performances and last- but not least - by the spectacular stage with the Szeged Cathedral as the backdrop and special stage 'scene' on Dome Square and the Újszeged Open-Air Stage.

Debrecen Flower Festival
in 2008: 15th July - 21st August

The Debrecen Flower Festival is a one-week fiesta in the last few years with mostly free programs. These days are about festivities, music and flowers featuring star performances. Preparation for the colourful march on 20th August already starts months before. The marching flower carts can be made up of even three-million flowers. Well-known Hungarian and foreign artistic groups, dance companies, bands and majorette groups offer spectacular performances in front of and behind the marching carts.

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