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Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Balaton Sound Festival
First part of July

A brand-new festival next to the Balaton that gives a great choice to have a party and enjoy Balaton at the same time. For a long weekend Zamárdi becomes a vivid town of electronic music and party fans. Several stages and smaller spots, coctail bars - even in the Balaton- , exotic restaurants, "Carribean-like" atmosphere with deckchairs and cosy surroundings mixed with famous representatives of the style guarantee the perfect entertainment.

Hegyalja Festival
Middle of July

A couple of days about wine of Tokaj, music, entertaining programmes - not only for the young generation. The palette of the programs is expanding year by year: besides numerous concerts, sport and lifestyle also get an important role during these days. The 'talkative part' centre is in the Green Tent, where the main topic is environmental protection, but we can talk about everything, our visitors are interested in. Hegyalja Fesztivál -Tokaj-Rakamaz Camping ...where the beach is OPEN!

EFOTT - University and College Students' Meeting Festival
End of July

A significant and traditional event for not only students, but also youngsters.Every year different scene wait for the guests for a long weekend to relax. With music in the focus, numerous concerts, sport and cultural facilities all wish memorable days for all the visitors!

Sziget Festival
First part of August

Sziget is a week-long opportunity to camp out in the festival city on 'Hajógyári Sziget' where besides basic facilities, posting and banking services, restaurants, pubs, shops and a number of other amenities provide comfort and entertainment.
The festival is actually many festivals in one: each venue proposes a series of programmes, to the lovers of the mainstream, hard rock, world music, electric dance music, alternative styles, blues and jazz. The main venues: Pop Rock Main Stage, World Music Main Stage, Metal Stage, Party Arena, WAN2 Stage.
Visitors can also enjoy dance and motion theatre performances, art exhibitions, literary events and classical music concerts.
The sport events of Sziget Festival provide varied and active recreation from different extreme sports through beach volleyball to soccer.
Sziget is more than just a festival: a place to meet, a place to make friends and fall in love; where parties and sport programs await the enquirer.

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