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Classical Music & Cultural Festivals

Classical Music & Cultural Festivals

Budapest Christmas Fair 2008
24th November - 29th December

The event series' main attraction will be the traditional Christmas Market on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Pest. This high quality event is a fitting way to prepare for Christmas. Thus the goods on sale include tasteful hand-made gifts and folk-inspired traditional arts and crafts: a wide range of folk-inspired arts and crafts on sale.
There will be 150 great stage shows, including puppet theatre, folk music and folk dancing. Visitors also have the chance to be involved to make their own seasonal decorations. On the occasion of Zoltán Kodály's 125th birth anniversary his choir masterpieces can be heard.
We also plan to host the real Santa Claus from Finland, who personally listens to the wishes.

Budapest Spring Festival
14th-30th March, 2008

For 26 years the Budapest Spring Festival has been Hungary's biggest cultural festival. Besides classical and modern music concerts there are theatre performances, film screenings, open-air programmes and other festival-type events. In 2008 Mozart will be a key figure in the repertoire of the festival. Another exclusive event: dancers of Béjart Ballet Lausanne perform their show with Mozart's and Queen's music.

Tér Film Zene Festival (Ground, Film, Music Festival), Budapest
June - July

If you aspire to a summer evening amusement go to the Parliament to the free downtown scene of culture and movies, to Budapesti Tér-Film-Zene Fesztivál.
The program offers nearly 200 films daily from 16.30 till 23.00 (animations, child, musical, dance, silent movies). The festival also represent high standards: 62 sqm daylight LED wall, 1000 seats, plants, social places, bike stands, information desk, security guards, catering stands, quality food and drink supply with separated places and green area.
The Filmfestival is now a countrywide series of events. Beside Budapest it takes place in Szeged, in Pécs, in Debrecen and in Győr in different periods of the summer.

Budapest Summer Festival
From end of June to beginning of September

Margaret Island and Városmajor gives home to the series of special theatre performances and various music concerts in the summer of Budapest. Comedies, musicals, ballet and concerts of light music also can be seen and heard. Between the performers nationally well-known and internationally renowned artists and groups can be found (such as Klezmer Band, 100-Member Gipsy Orchestra, Irish Dance Experience).

Jewish Summer Festival
From end of August to beginning of September

The festival, held in the last weeks of summer, presents Jewish culture through numerous branches of the arts (theatre, film, fine arts, photography, oratory, painting, jazz, operetta, klezmer, light music, literature and chamber music) as well as youth events, craft fairs, open-air musical events and coffee-house literary evenings.Visitors not only get an insight into a culture that they may not be familiar with, they can also become part of that culture.

BAF (Budapest Autumn Festival)
September - October

The Budapest Autumn Festival is one of Europe's leading festivals of contemporary arts. Its aim is to present the important creative artists and achievements in all branches of arts in the present and over the past decade and to reinforce Budapest's cultural standing in Europe by inviting internationally renowned productions of new art as well. The festival also presents premieres thanks to co-operation with major contemporary arts festivals in Europe.

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